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BYSS  - Borders Youth Support Scheme


The 2018 Sponsored Walk will be organised by The Haugfoot Laode No. 1824

Sponsored Walk 2017
Saturday 15th April 2017 saw the PGL Borders Youth Support Scheme Annual Sponsored Walk which was hosted by Lodge St. Ronan's No. 856.  The route took the walkers along the side of the River Tweed to Cardrona and back again where there were well deserved refreshments provided by the Lodge.  1, 600 was collected on the day with at least another 200 to follow.

On conclusion the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, Bro. John W. Blackie, thanked all the participants and
all the sponsors and concluded by thanking No. 856 for hosting the walk.

Next year the walk will be organised by The Haughfoot Lodge No. 1824.

Sponsored Walk 2016

The annual Borders Youth Support Scheme sponsored walk took place on Saturday 16th April 2016 which was ably hosted by the Hawick Lodge No. 424 BURA, it was great to see that there was a good number of Brethren taking part with most of the Lodges in the Province being represented and it was good to see that there was a number of guests (and some dogs) on the day giving their support.  The walk its self was a comfortable distance offering some great views of Hawick and the surrounding area. and although there was some change during the day the weather remained fair.  Back at the Lodge there was food amd refreshments and on conclusion the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Bro. John W. Blackie gave a vote of thanks to everyone who made the day such a success.  On the day, the region of 1,400 was raised with some more donations to come, it is estimated that this year we will generate approx. 1, 600 which can be put to good causes.  Next year the the walk will be organised and hosed by Lodge St. Ronan's No. 856.

Sponsored Walk 2015
The 2015 Annual BYSS Sponsored Walk which was organised and hosted by The Galashiels Lodge No. 262 was held on Saturday 18th April.

The day was presented with some good weather, the walkers left the Lodge and were offered some great views of the surrounding area of Galashiels.  The route was pleasant and was not too taxing for the "heavier" brethren among us.  Sarah provided a couple of welcomed refreshemnts stops along the way and on the return to the Lodge there was plenty of fine food and drinks as a reward for our efforts.

Initial calculations indicate that 1, 300 was raised so far with some more to come!!  This is a fantastic amount.

Well done and thanks must go The Galashiels Lodge No. 262, the ladies for providing the refreshments, all the walkers who attended on the day and more importantly every one who gave sponsorship or a donation - Well Done & Thanks!!

This will allow the continuation of the good work that the BYSS offers.

Sponsored Walk 2014
Saturday 26th April 2014 saw the PGL Annual Borders Youth Support Scheme (BYSS) Sponsored Walk which was organised by Lodge St. John Stow No. 216.

It tried very hard on the day to rain but we were spared from getting wet  which was a weclome releif as the long uphill walk was challeging enough as a few aches and pains developed on the way.  The walkers headed from Stow Bowling Club up the challenging climb to Allanshaws where they were presented with some breathtaking views.  

Well deserved refreshments were made available to the walkers on their return to the Bowling Club where Bro. Victor, Lord Denovan RWM and Provincial Grand Treasurer announced that over 1, 400 had been collected on the day with some more cash to come in.

This is a fantastic result, especially in these difficult economic conditions.  Many thanks to all the walkers, everyone who sponsored or made a donation, Stow Bowling Club and the team from Lodge St. John Stow No. 216 for their organisation.

Sponsored Walk 2013
The Borders Youth Support Scheme Annual Sponsored Walk was hosted by the Hawick Lodge No. 111 on Saturday 27th April 2013.
The walkers left the Lodge at approx 11am and enjoyed a walk through the park in favourable weather with no hills, which was an added bonus!!.  There were welcomed refreshements provided at the half way point and as the walkers headed back to the Lodge they were treated to food and refreshments which the ladies had kindly prepared.  Initial calculations indicate that the money taken on the day was 1, 500 with some more to come.  The Hawick Lodge sponsored a raffle which raised another 60.

The Right Worshipful Provincal Grand Master, Bro. John Ferguson Lamb, thanked everyone for their support in this important annual event and thanked the Hawick Lodge No. 111 for organising & hosting the event and thanked the ladies very much for providing the excellent catering.

Sponsored Walk 2012

The weather was unsure what it wanted to be, however, the rain stayed away and the sun was not too far away on Staurday 28th April 2012 for the BYSS Annual Sponsored Walk.  The eager walkers, which included Masons, Ladies and Friends, left the Lodge at 11am and headed off for a pleasureable walk in the countryside overlooking Jedburgh.  On return the ladies from Jedburgh laid on feast of hot and cold snacks along with some refreshing drinks.  The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, Bro. John F. Lamb thanked everyone for their attendance and continued support for the BYSS followed by a thank you to the ladies for their excellent buffet.

Early indications show that just over 1, 000 had been collected on the day but it is estimated that wth money that still needs to come in the total should be about 1, 400 which is great, especially in these tough economic conditions.

The 2013 Sponsored Walk will be arranged by the Hawick Lodge No. 111.

Sponsored Walk 2011
The sun was shining over Kelso for the The Annual Borders Youth Support Scheme Sponsored Walk which was  hosted by The Lodge of Kelso No. 58 on Saturday 30 April 2011.  The walkers left the Lodge at 11am to make a start on the route which was just over 6 miles taking in the beautiful countryside and views of the River Tweed that surrounds Kelso.  A well earned rest along with plenty of refreshments was provided by the Immediate Past Provincial Grand Master and Mrs Marshall at Sprouston, then it was the home straight after that back to the Lodge in Kelso where more food and refreshments were available.

Early indications show that about 1,300 had been raised with some sponsorship still to be collected..  The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, Bro. John F. Lamb, thanked everyone for their support and thanked those who gave sponsorship.

Next year the Sponsored Walk will be hosted by Lodge St. John Jedburgh No. 104. The Sponsored Walk is open to everyone who wants to support this worthwhile cause, all Lodges, Family & Friends.

BYSS Summary (PDF)

Brethren - Your  Continued support is very much appreciated - Thank You!!

BYSS Grant Application Forms are available from the Provincial Grand Secretary

Created in April 1992 the Borders Youth Support Scheme was set up to assist, in some small way, the young people from the counties of Roxburghshire, Peeblesshire and Selkirkshire, whether as part of a team, a group, or working for an individual achievement.

A committee was set up by the Provincial Grand Lodge of Roxburgh, Peebles and Selkirk Shires to operate the scheme and manage the funds raised by the earlier events.  They considered the first of a number of applications for financial assistance, which have since included requests from such diverse sources as a group of Cadets wishing to partake in a British Forces Route March in Holland, local Football Clubs looking for strips or assistance with training equipment, Scouts to purchase equipment, a Boxing Club, Girl Guides, a talented young musician, a handicapped swimmer to take his place in a National finals event, a local Town Band for uniforms, and an Accordion Band— the list is growing still.

Grants have been made to practically everyone who has applied, provided that the money will go to help those in the 11 to 18 age group. Exceptions have occasionally been made in the age category if the funds were used as part of a project which would be of benefit the entire community.  

No strings are attached to applications, and every penny raised is disbursed in grants, as there are no charges or overheads deducted from the funds.

Provincial Grand Lodge has taken great pleasure from quietly having made a positive contribution to the quality of life of some of the young people of the Borders.

We have no objection if the organisations or individuals who have benefited wish to make known that we have assisted them, but there is no pressure on any beneficiary to publicise the fact.

Up to May 2010 we have disbursed funds of almost 40,000 since the scheme began and continue to make awards at the rate of around 2,000 each year.

Anyone wishing to apply for assistance only need approach any Lodge Member that is in good standing and ask for an Application Form (which are available from the Provincial Grand Secretary), fill it in and return it. The committee will then consider each application on its merits and award a grant as appropriate; it’s as simple as that.

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