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Office Bearers

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Bro. John W. Blackie RWPGM

Bro. John W. Blackie
Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master

Bro. Allan Marshall - RWIPPGM

Bro. Allan J. Marshall
Past Provincial Grand Master

Bro.  Michael Peutrill
Worshipful Depute Provincial Grand Master
Bro. Andrew E. Forsyth
Worshipful Substitute Provincial Grand Master

Bro. Alistair W. Little
Worshipful Provincial Grand Secretary
Bro. H. Norman W. Donald
Worshipful Provincial Grand Chaplain

Past Provincial Grand Masters

Bro. James Brown
Past Provincial Grand Master

Office Bearers 2017- 2018
Provincial Grand Bro. Lodge
Senior Warden W. E. Chippendale No. 104
Junior Warden C. S. Roberts No. 111
Treasurer Lord V. Denovan No. 216
Almoner E. A. Lewis No. 104
Director of Ceremonies H. Wright No. 104
Senior Deacon K. M. Cleland No. 32
Junior Deacon G. R. W. Duff No. 262
Librarian R. R. Headridge No. 262
Architect J. G. Finlay No. 24
Jeweller K. J. Ferguson
No. 424
Bible-bearer G. D. Forsyth No. 58
Bard T. J. Slater No. 58
Sword-bearer G. A. Duff No. 262
Director of Music K. H. Ross No. 1
Assistant Director of Ceremonies J. Thom No. 1
Organist R. D. Heaney No. 856
Marshall R. B. Robertson
No. 1
Senior Standard Bearer - No. 262
Inner Guard R. B. C. McCurdie
No. 24
Tyler T. K. Stewart No. 216
President of Stewards J. M. Muirhead No. 58
Lodge Stewards
The Lodge of Melrose St. John No. 1 Bro. B. Lawson
The Lodge of Peebles Kilwinning No. 24 Bro. D. Scott
Lodge St. John Selkirk No. 32 Bro. R. Robertson
Lodge Kelso & Tweed No. 58 Bro. J. M. Muirhead
Lodge St. John Jedburgh No. 104 Bro. J. A. Scott
The  Hawick Lodge No. 111 Bro. N. H. Taylor
Lodge St. John Stow No. 216 Bro.
The Galashiels Lodge No. 262 Bro. P. Capaldi
Lodge St. James BURA No. 424 Bro. A. A. Dickson
Lodge St. Ronan's No. 856 Bro. D. L. Jeffrey
The Haughfoot Lodge No. 1824 Bro. K. Stewart.

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Provincial Grand Lodge of Roxburgh, Peebles & Selkirk Shires 2010 - 2017