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Traveling Trowel 2014

The Lodge currently in possession of the Traveling Trowel is:

Lodge Kelso & Tweed No. 58

(Captured from Lodge St. John Jedburghn No. 104 on 4th February 2016)

One way to encourage visits around the Province would be to increase the amount of Deputations invited to other Lodges.  

For those Lodges struggling to find candidates why not invite a Lodge who are lucky enough to have a queue of candidates to come as a Deputation with their candidate, work a degree and attempt to capture the Trowel =  a win/win situation for all concerned!

Lets see if we can get every Lodge in the Province to capture the Trowel at least once during the coming season.  More captures would also increase the kitty

The Traveling Trowel


At the PGL Committee on Friday 28th January 2011, it was agreed that the idea of the Traveling Trowel be given a trial period in the Province.

Bro. G. White (Lodge 58) and Bro. J. Mitchell (Lodge 111) have agreed to purchase the Trowel and donate it to the Province, but any contributions from Brethren towards its cost, would be much appreciated.  

Please try and give your support to this new and worthwhile idea.  The "Traveling Trowel" is intended to encourage Inter-lodge visits and promote good-hearted rivalry among the Daughter Lodges in the Province.  As a "bonus" it will also help to raise donations for Charities.  A short explanation of its aims, and the rules covering its use, is attached.


Rules of Engagement and Capture

  • The Trowel will be held initially by Lodge Kelso & Tweed No. 58.  The "Open Season" will be from 1st October until  May 2012, after which, the season will run from May to May.
  • The Trowel can only be "captured" by Daughter Lodges in the Province of Roxburgh, Peebles & Selkirk Shires.
  • To "capture" the Trowel, a Visiting Lodge must take a Deputation of a minimum of 7 members (Honorary Members are excluded!) to any Regular or Special Meeting of the Lodge within the Province currently holding the Trowel.   The Visiting Lodge can only count its members actually forming the Deputation when they enter the Lodge holding the Trowel.  Any members of the Visiting Lodge sitting in the "holding" Lodge before the Deputation enters, any non-members in the Deputation, and latecomers after the Deputation enters cannot be counted.
  • Each member of the Visiting Deputation must contribute at least 1.00 to the "Traveling Trowel Kitty" before the Trowel can be claimed by the Visiting Lodge.  The Brother heading the Deputation must claim the Trowel before the close of the meeting of the Lodge being visited. 
  • In the event of two or more Visiting Deputations, each with at least 7 brethren, visiting the "holding" Lodge, the Visiting Lodge with the larger Deputation will have first claim on the Trowel, subject to payment into the "Kitty". If there are two or more Lodges each with the same size of Deputation then each Deputation will be required to contribute to the "Kitty" and thereafter the Lodge entitled to "capture" the Trowel will be decided in such manner, as the Right Worshipful Master of the "holding" Lodge, may determine on the evening.
  • On the "capture" of the Trowel, the successful Lodge should immediately notify the Provincial Grand Secretary (Bro. Alistair. W. Little) and the Webmaster (Bro. James Thom), or so that a trace can be kept on its location and its whereabouts be known to any Lodges interested in attempting its "capture".
  • The "Kitty" will travel with the Trowel and the Master of the Lodge holding the Trowel at any time; will be responsible for the safe custody of the money.
  • The Lodge left holding the Trowel at 31st May shall determine the charity- whether masonic or non-masonic - to which the money is to be donated. It shall be made over to the nominated charity, as soon as practicable after 31st May.
  • The "capture" of the Trowel is therefore warmly commended as cheerful fraternal fun, and as a fund raising activity, within the Province of Roxburgh, Peebles & Selkirk Shires.


click here to download the above rules of engagement - PDF 114 kb

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